Seminar: "Patanjali: A CRITICAL GLANCE AT THE YOGA LEGEND" with Chrispy Bhagat Singh

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SUNDAY 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The potential consequence of the accidental primacy of the Yoga Sutras in the Westernized yoga culture is that the goal of "stilling the fluctuations of consciousness" could be an absolutely detrimental and pernicious form of mind-control via “thought-stopping”, which can easily be turned against practitioners and away from personal agency with true discernment in yoga lineages, schools and groups.

•••"Perhaps the most widely used, and most effective, technique for controlling cult members’ thoughts is thought-stopping. Members are taught to use thought-stopping on themselves. They are told it will help them grow, stay “pure and true” or be more effective. Whenever cult members experience a “bad” thought, they use thought-stopping to halt the “negativity” and center themselves, thus shutting out anything that threatens or challenges the cult’s version of reality. Different groups use different thought-stopping techniques, which can include concentrated praying, chanting aloud or silently, meditating, speaking in tongues, singing or humming. These actions, at times useful and valuable, thus become perverted in destructive cults. They also become quite mechanical, because the person is programmed to activate them at the first sign of doubt, anxiety or uncertainty....

"Through the use of thought-stopping, members think they are growing, when in reality they are just turning themselves into thought-stopping addicts. After leaving a cult that employs extensive thought-stopping techniques, a person normally goes through a difficult withdrawal process before they can overcome this addiction." 

ex-Unification Church member Steve Hassan -- Combating Mind Control, p.121•••

This will be an open discussion regarding the focus on thought-stopping, as well as the extreme patriarchal conservatism of PYS and how that impacts the Yoga Darshana and its spread through Western culture. No sacred cow will be safe!