Seminar: Create a Life You Love (no, it's not positive thinking) with Melissa Joy Cameron

Saturday 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm


Join the I AM Yoga Festival Founder, Melissa Joy Cameron, in this interactive discussion on what it looks like (and maybe more importantly DOESN'T LOOK LIKE), to live a thoughtful, meditative life that you truly find joy in.  We will use the methods of spiritual teachers and guides such as Byron Kate, Adyashanti, Neale Donald Walsch and many others that Melissa has studied since her out-of-body, meeting-with-the-divine-kind of experience in 2007.  This isn't the typical self-help, positive thinking workshop but instead a real and honest discussion of the pitfalls of the new age and yoga culture that create traps of self-loathing, competition and spiritual bypassing. 

Come with an open mind and plan to openly share questions, insights or concerns about what it would feel like for you to Create and Live the kind of life you would love.