Whole Human Yoga with Mandy Eubanks

Sunday 8:30 am - 9:30 am


The ancients revealed their secrets in a methodology called yoga.  In modern times we have embraced postural yoga and it's benefits but we must not forget the other practices that have been handed down to us.  Yoga is a complete system for the mind, body, and soul. Mandy will lead you through the EveryOne Yoga School's approach which is a timeless blend of postures, breathwork, mudra, and meditation that will inspire your practice and unique journey on the path of yoga and life. 


Mandy Eubanks

Mandy Eubanks founded EveryOne Yoga School in 2014 as a 200 hour registered yoga school based on ancient and modern yoga practices. She has since grown Everyone Yoga School into a reputable training with over 100 graduates at the 200 hour level and has added an advanced 300-hour level professional training. 

Mandy Eubanks mission is to inspire her students to live life fully awake. Blending Hatha and Vinyasa, yoga philosophy, and seasonally appropriate sequences Mandy’s classes will set you up for a lifelong yoga practice. Known for her playful and intelligent approach, Mandy leads creative classes that are unique yet relevant to the modern yogini and yogi. Her public yoga classes are often a refuge for those who serve and teach yoga themselves and her private personalized yoga sessions are transformative and truly address the whole person. In summary, her experience is vast enough that her transmission of yoga is simple and accessible to everyone.