Power Yoga Class with Grant Johnson

Saturday 8:30 am - 9:30 am

Join Grant Johnson, a transplant yoga teacher from Denver, CO, for an outdoor (will be warm) power yoga class on the veranda of the Tulsa Garden Center. Expect a powerful vinyasa class including arm balances, standing balances and inversions with a playful experience.


Grant Johnson

Grant began practicing yoga as a physical exercise after a weight training injury kept him out of the gym.  As his asana practice grew so did his love of the other limbs of yoga.  He began teaching in Denver in 2012 after completing his RYT 200.  He moved to Tulsa in 2015 and looks forward to becoming more involved with the Tulsa Yoga Community.  Grant currently teaching at I AM Yoga + Wellness on Cherry Street.  With a focus on alignment and breath, Grant's class is both physical and a place to shut down the mind.