Poetry in Motion Yoga Class with Aleks Kitchens

Sunday 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Experience the power of intentional movement and well-chosen words in this practice that combines yoga and poetry. We will flow through an all-levels vinyasa yoga sequence with poetry woven throughout the poses for inspiration and reflection. In moments of pause, participants are encouraged to write their own poetry by listening to what has risen to the surface of their bodies and minds throughout the practice. After savasana, we will come together in a circle, and participants will be given a chance to share what they have written with others. Bring your journal with you.  Open to all levels.


Aleks Kitchens

Aleks is an Okie girl, born and raised in Stillwater. She then went north to Minnesota, earning a bachelor's degree in dance from St. Olaf College. While there, she learned the value of being warm and cozy (her favorite way to be) and completed her yoga teacher training at Yoga Center of Minneapolis in 2013. After returning to Oklahoma, Aleks began teaching yoga and dance in Stillwater and eventually settled at home in Tulsa. She currently works at Tulsa Children's Museum, developing and teaching curriculum that takes yoga, creative movement, and breath regulation practices into schools and other community organizations.
Aleks has attended trainings by Yoga Warriors International, Street Yoga, and YogaKids, learning how to inform her yoga teaching with trauma-sensitive language and sequencing for veterans and youth as well as learning practices specifically designed to bring the benefits of yoga to children. In her own practice, Aleks plays with balancing strength and softness, finding the rhythm of her own breath, listening through stillness and movement to her own body's wisdom, and cultivating presence, peace, compassion, gratitude, generosity, gentleness, and acceptance. In her teaching, she hopes to create a safe space for practice where others can be at home in their bodies.
Outside of the studio, you can find Aleks in comfy clothes at home, drinking coffee on her porch, snuggling with her dog Desi, walking along the river with her husband, reading and watching Harry Potter, hanging out with her family, or working on a dance project. She loves this city she has come to call home and is honored to serve Tulsa by sharing yoga with the I AM Yoga community.