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Yoga for Stress Reduction

  • I AM Yoga Festival 4501 West 41st Street Tulsa, OK, 74107 United States (map)

This 75 minute yoga class will be a blend of strong and soft exercises and posture practice with an emphasis on maintaining a smooth and steady breath throughout. There will be music, some breathing techniques, a brief discussion about the vagus nerve and its role in the bodies stress responses. The majority of the class will be spent in asana/posture practice. We will learn to sense and identify unneeded resistance, stress and tension being held in the mind and body, and what holds us back from reaching our full potential on and off the yoga mat. One of the most transformative aspects of a breath-centered yoga practice is toning of the body’s stress response. We will briefly discuss ways to hack into this amazing system as we move throughout our practice and life. Whether we have a yoga practice or not, we are moving through a series of postures in our day and navigating our energy resources. It can be beneficial to practice noticing where tension is held in the body and place attention on how to conserve it for the important things! This allows us to move throughout our day with increased focus, steadiness, enthusiasm, ease and overall sense of well being.

PRESENTER: Kassie Patton

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Kassie discovered yoga in 2010. What started as a therapy for her low back pain, transformed into a lifestyle, community and profession. Her primary focus is to study how the mind and body work, and how to integrate the practices of yoga into daily life. She enjoys exploring and discovering the relationships that exist between the muscles, mind and breath, and tuning into the energetic and emotional layer of the practice. She does this by slowing down, tuning into and identifying sensations, and cultivating awareness and ease through experience, playfulness and practice, and wants her classes to offer the space for people to do the same. Kassie has studied with a variety of teachers in a range of movement styles and lineages; Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Hatha, Bikram, Anasara, Viniyoga, Sridaiva, dance, Pilates, Physical Therapy methods, and Therapeutic yoga. She attained her 200hr teacher certification with Everyone Yoga School in Tulsa, earned a certification in RECESS kids yoga and completed the Devata tantric philosophy elective. By the end of 2018 she will have earned another 300hr certification from EYS, is currently enrolled in SUP certification, and hopes to complete Trauma Informed training in the fall. Her path is veering towards the yoga as therapy approach. Her primary teachers and mentors in the Tulsa area are Stephen Saunders, Mandy Eubanks, Melissa Cameron, and Nicole Peltier Hall. She wants to help and inspire others to discover the magic of the yoga practice. She believes there truly is something for Everyone and that by utilizing the tools of yoga, we can discover, uncover, establish and maintain our balance, strength, identity and self worth with joy, gratitude and contentment. She is also a mother, photographer and teaches self regulation, yoga and mindfulness to kids in the public school system.

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