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Reiki Healing Meditation

  • I AM Yoga Festival 4501 West 41st Street Tulsa, OK, 74107 United States (map)
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Join Morgan on a journey of relaxation and healing through a guided Reiki meditation. Reiki is known as Universal Life Force Energy and when we welcome and allow this energy to be received by us in body, mind, and spirit, we open ourselves up to the highest form of healing. She will guide you through cleansing, clearing, and rebalancing the seven main energy centers of your body, also known as Chakras, while sending distant reiki to each of you. Before the end of our healing session, Morgan will also offer hands on Reiki by hovering or placing my hands over your crown, third eye and throat chakras, bringing your Nervous System and Body into an even deeper state of communication, balance and healing. You can expect to leave in total bliss with your immune system brought back on board as you activate your internal healing pathways.

PRESENTER: Morgan Jurney

ABOUT OUR PRESENTER: From a young age I had a strong sense, a knowingness, that beyond what the eyes could see, there was something only the heart could feel. An inner knowing, a truth that pervaded this world. An energy that was in this world, but not of this world. As I have grown older, I have come to realize that this mysterious, mystical and magical unseen energy is something deeply Spiritual and somehow connects all living beings and all living things to one another. When I was 23 I found yoga, or rather you might say it found me. I knew from the moment I took my first breath on my mat that I would one day share the gift of yoga with others, returning all the gifts and blessings that I would receive from it and my teachers. While on this path I discovered meditation, which was pretty cataclysmic, as it forced me to look at my deepest fears. The beginning of my relationship with meditation was painful and probably one of the hardest and most courageous things I had ever done, but what unfolded from that single choice was unspeakable growth, learning and un-learning, awakening to my truth, and a re-discovering of a love that is in this world, but not of this world. These days, I find joy sharing the immense gift of healing with my clients, friends, and family through Reiki, Meditation, and Yoga. The rest of my time is spent connecting with my husband, our newborn son, and our fur baby, likely out in our garden, on a walkie at the park, or inside pretending to be a skilled family band. Oh, and probably eating ice cream!